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The company "AGROMECHANIKA" started its operations in 1991. She was responsible for the production of membrane pumps, sprayers tractor, and a greenhouse.

Since 1993. started the production of accessories for gates and self-supporting:

- Trolleys channel sections of typical semi-closed, or / g client drawing

- The rack for drives, gears Module 1 - 6 made for slotting machines Fellowse'a

- Rollers, guide, inertia, gate hinges.

We are a sales representative for manufacturers of gates: FPHU "WIŚNIOWSKI" and drives "CAME", "FAAC", "Sommer".

Another activity is the sale of tractors and agricultural machines (units plows, trailers, spreaders, sprayers, disc harrows, planters, front loaders, etc.).

We represent "SIPMA" Lublin, "CYNKOMET", "AGRO-YOU", "GRANO", "TOLMET", "FARMTRAC", "BOMET", "JAR-MET '' POMAROL", "TAD-LEN", "AGRO -factory "," DEFRO "," Belle, "" KRUKOWIAK "," POM "Brodnica," Pichon "," MEPROZET ".



P.P.H.U. Agromechanika 
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